Friday, 1 November 2013

Further Research for Studio Brief 2

Prism (stylized as PRISM) is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry, released on October 18, 2013 by Capitol Records. Recording for the album began in 2012, following the March 2012 re-release of her August 2010 album Teenage Dream, subtitled The Complete Confection, and continued into the following year. The album's composition was largely inspired by Swedish dance music artists such as Robyn. In order to create her desired sound, Perry worked heavily with Swedish producer Max Martin, while also enlisting past collaborators Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Greg Wells, Benny Blanco, and StarGate, as well as new collaborators Klas Åhlund, Bloodshy, and Greg Kurstin.
"Roar" was released on August 10, 2013 to American radio stations as the album's lead single and it has since topped the US Billboard Hot 100, while peaking at the top 10 of twenty-five countries. "Dark Horse" featuring rapper Juicy J was released on September 17, 2013 on iTunes as the album's first promotional single. "Walking on Air" was released on September 30, 2013 as the album's second promotional single. "Unconditionally" was released as the album's second single on October 16, 2013.

Track List (Total Length 48:43)
  1. Roar
  2. Legendary Lovers
  3. Birthday 
  4. Walking on Air
  5. Unconditionally 
  6. Dark Horse
  7. This Is How We Do
  8. International Smile
  9. Ghost
  10. Love Me
  11. This Moment
  12. Double Rainbow
  13. By the Grace of God

Deluxe Version (Total Length 61:40)
  1. Spiritual 
  2. It Takes Two 
  3. Chose your Battles
During the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Perry revealed to MTV News she chose Prism as the album title because she 
"actually finally let the light in and then I was able to create all these songs that were inspired by letting the light in and doing some self-reflection and just kind of working on myself"

What is a Prism ? 

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