Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Leeds College of Art Prospectus 2012/13 Review

In this weeks session of context of practice seminar, we where given the Leeds College of Art Prospectus 2012/13 and we where told to, in groups review it and give it a analysis.

I feel that the front cover alone isn't right, I like the quote used but I think that the type is centered but doesn't look central due to the very rounded O in of and you are immediately drawn to this. Secondly I don't think that the colors work well together the red is hard to read from the very deep blue and as well as this you can see the blue stock underneath the red type.
I found that there is a lot of type throughout the prospectus and it is quite overwhelming especially when you are trying to communicate to a visual audience, it seems very formal. Also I felt that the photographs had just been placed randomly on some pages of the and it was very off putting. As well as all of this the main type used for the body copy seems very childish looking and its very simple, however the type used for the subheadings is good and appropriate for it purpose, its also quite modern looking.
Lastly the paper stock changes halfway throughout the prospectus and I feel that this unnecessary and I like the matte stock and it seems , more informal and less like a magazine.

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