Tuesday, 2 October 2012



Post an example of visual communication that you really like and one that you don't.

 I have chosen this piece as my 'love' example. This is because I really like the different typefaces on the page, they have been made by the designer. The type is clean and modern but I like the way it reflects the thought of diamonds. I also like how it has it's own 'diamond' logo to accompany it, almost as if it is a brand. I also like the vintage effect of the background image but as well as this the designer has edited the image on Photoshop to create the smoke effect. The colors in this piece are effective the white type really stands out from the image and I like how the image is different tones of red and pink, and so it too is a simplistic color scheme.



However this piece reflects design I don't like or hate. The typefaces that have been used look unprofessional and messy. They do not match with the sharpness of the photograph. I also feel that the typefaces have no connection to the woman on the page or what she's about. I also don't really understand what the image is trying to tell me and therefore I think it is a bad piece of visual communication.

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