Thursday, 2 May 2013

Speaking from Experience

Produce a graphic response/graphic product/ piece of work that makes a statement, comment, observation or gives advice about your experience on your first year of this course...

work with any appropriate media or format and develop and identify the content will be entertaining, advisory or informative.

Originally I had decided that organisation was a key route to go down, and so I began to research this by looking at examples. I was thinking about looking at stationary I could kind of brand or add some kind of slogans to.

I was thinking about using the format below to package all the items I would create also I would be able to create a few pages of information and it would be more interesting than a book.

However after further consideration, I decided that the term first week meant that this sort of stuff may not be essential in the first week and so I looked further into the idea of things I would of wanted to know, I also tried to ask peers online but I didn't get much of a response and so I changed the theme slightly to things you should be prepared for and a guide to help you with those. 

In the first/ second week we 
set up blogs
did a full brief
worked in a group/ and did lots of things in groups
had a lot of presentations/ workshops

And so I decided that these could be my main themes 

  • Blogging
  • Workload
  • Sticking it out through ... 
  • Working in a group
  • Fast Briefs
And so this is my new proposal...

Is to highlight and prepare students for what lies ahead during the first week (and beyond) I think that this is something I would of wanted to know about and had a rough awareness/ guide on the topics I will cover. I will create a guide like piece that I have yet to decide the format upon after further research. I may include some novelty items that are more fun/ interactive that could act as ice breakers.

I will be working on this brief as an individual. 

And so all the responsibilities are on me some of these include: 

Research of the format 
Research of the content
Initial sketches/ ideas
Development and Experimentation 
Final Piece

Format Research

Screen Print- Maybe with two colours only onto a good stock.
Or one colour
Part Screen Print and part laser print.
Purely Laser Print (which I would need to do in the digital print suite)

Inkjet Printing- Which also means I could foil. 

Sotheby's Careers Brochure by Ascend Studio

Laser Cut 

Crossover Festival Symbolism of H.G. Wells on Behance


Flash Cards
Gimme Bar |

Key to success concept

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