Thursday, 24 April 2014

What type of work would our business produce ?

Firstly we had to decide what type of work we would produce, all of the work would be for the fashion sector. We wanted to be a company that worked with high-end fashion brands, and designers.

The type of work that we would produce, we collectively decided upon where... 

Branding & Identity
Website Design
Application Design
Information & Wayfinding
Interior & Exterior (window displays)
Promotional Media 
Packaging & Product Range 

I looked briefly at these types of work, looking at companies who did the same thing we wanted to I found work that I could use for examples. 

As well as this as part of a separate module over summer I had researched graphic design for fashion so I could also use this as a resource. 

The main company/ website I found the most similar and inspirational was Construct

all of this work below is from their studio, I included this in the presentation.  

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