Tuesday, 28 October 2014

CoP Tutorial 1

First tutorial 28/10/14

I went to the tutorial with a lot of my stuff I had been looking into and brief ideas I had about my title and the chapters, what I would need to look into, as well as my research on my blog and some I had collected. 

I spoke briefly about my topic after being briefly confused about whether I needed to or could focus down after it had been mentioned in my CoP Presentation. And so we discussed the initial idea of socially responsible graphic design. 

We then defined that I didn't need to focus on one area of design as it would be to focussed and looking into 3 case studies would give me a spectrum of the subject. 

Writing Piece Plan

Defined question: Is socially responsible design always/automatically good design ?
Intro- 500/700 words
1. Broad Chapter 2000 words, looking into mass consumerism and social responsibility 
                                                 (focusing on four key themes I had found previously in my              
2. Close Reading of First Things First 2000words, looking into the social responsibility of       
                                                 the graphic designer (Tibor Kalman, critics of FTF)
3. Look into 3 Case Studies 4000words of work that has attempted to be socially       
                                                 responsible but have somehow failed 
    3.1 First Study 1300 words
    3.2 Second Study 1300 words
    3.3 Third Study 1300 words

Conclusion 1000 words (about)(lengthy) How it is impossible to achieve fully.

By the week commencing 17th November have the first two chapters drafted for the next tutorial. 

I feel a lot more confident about this and I think that I should be able to achieve this by this point. 

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