Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Methodologies & Critical Analysis


is how the information you have found is...

  • Sourced
  • Collected
  • Collated
  • Presented
What you are researching ? Why you are researching it ? and what will it achieve ? 
(need to evidence why you have selected certain methods

One method can only get you so far, some angles have a bias, and so you you should try use other methods.

It might be a good idea to choose a theory as a way of analysing research, 
different theories, achieve different readings.


a particular view of something
e.g. Psychological Theories
       Marxism/ Post Marxism

in selecting any theory you are conforming to its own agenda and is looking for the answers it wants to hear, and it prioritises its own ideals. 
It is a subjective standpoint.

Choose the Theories & Methods most appropriate to your chosen subject.
  • Make decisions about how to collect and order information 
  • Choose a relevant theoretical standpoint
  • Apply these to your study
  • Explicitly outline this in the introduction (outline your methodological approach and why and what topics you will be looking into
  • Address suggested failings in the conclusion.
Critical Analysis

being critical...
isn't... fault-finding and being negative
it is... about weighing up all points of view and making a selection based upon this
critical is 'to separate' or 'to choose'
skepticism is
reasoned thinking; using evidence and logic to come to a conclusion = critical reasoning

There is no such thing as an objective judgement.
We all have a particular bias , there is nothing wrong with this as long as you acknowledge it, this makes it academic and informed.

Think about...

Where the author/ artist/ designer/ photographer situated ? 
Try to consider different points of view (where, what society)

Where am I coming from ?
How is my choice of topic influenced by my emotions, aspirations, context ? 
Be aware of my own prejudices.

  • the time
  • place
  • society
  • politics
  • economics
  • technology
  • philosophy
  • scientific

Where is the evidence for this ? 
What are you saying ?

(could be in the form of quotes, observations, experiments)

understand there might be some flaws in your view point but as long as you have enough evidence to support yourself with.

Could you find more evidence to support your conclusions ?

Evidence, Reason, Logic, Argument
(all work together)

What do I want to say ? and how ?
Have I got the evince to back it up ?
What else do I need to look at in order to find more evidence ?

Putting alternatives theories against the same body of data e.g. A,B,C...

Am I expressing myself clearly and logically.

A Clear Logical Plan:
  • Keep it simple- focus on a few key issues
  • Look into your key issues in depth
  • Discuss your issues and evidence you have found in a clear logical manner
  • Move away from the general to the specific
Chapter Ideas
could be...

  1. History or Ideology
  2. Might look at 3 Designers 
  3. Relate to one image that optimises what I am saying
Visual Analysis (refer to powerpoint)

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