Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is Visual Literacy ?

Visual Literacy

A process of sending and receiving messages using

  • Type 
  • Images
  • Both

Based on a level of shared understanding of 

  • signs 
  • symbols
  • gestures
  • objects

Affected by 

  • audience
  • context
  • media 
  • method of distribution 
The ability to construct meaning from visual images and type 
Interpreting images of the present, past and a range of cultures 
Producing images that effectively communicate a message to an audience

Everything that is necessary for any language to exist is on an agreement amongst a group of people that one thing will stand for another.

  • Sign
  • Symbol
  • Signifier
Example : 

Symbol: An apple
Sign: For Apple Mac computers
Signifies: Creativity , Independence

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