Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Visual Literacy 2


  • Metaphor
  • Metonym 
  • Synecdoche
Work the metaphor, 
every object has the capacity to stand for something other than what is apparent.

New York

Apple , transfers meaning from one thing to another
Metaphor : Apple, health, crisp, fresh, tempting.
A visual metaphor for New York to reinvent itself after a period of widespread crime.

Statue of Liberty 
Synecdoche: Part of something to represent its entirety 
Has to be there all the time , permanently. 
Only works if it is known i.e. Big Ben = London 

Yellow Taxi
Metonym: Doesn't have to be a physical/ permanent part. It could really go anywhere.
e.g. Cross of the Church.

In trying to separate words from pictures we have to accept that words are 'pictures of letters' - David Crow

Readability/ Legibility
Visual Dynamics

Weights and Characters

Distance, Proximity, Priority 
Size weight and colour
Big or Red stands out the most.

A voice has pace, emphasis and volume

If all the fonts on a page have a close hierarchy it is harder to distinguish where your eyes should be.

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