Saturday, 2 March 2013

Communication is a Virus: Poster Research

After a crit that took place 1/03/13 we all decided different things we needed to create to get our Designers Dose viral. 

I was given the role of creating a poster / piece of promotional material that would encourage people to get involved on twitter or on the blog, I think that this is essential as the more active it becomes the more people will join in. 

I began to look at a few posters .... — Graphic Design daily selection » 2007 » March
 WANKEN - The Blog of Shelby White » Design

AAT | Moving Brands - a global branding company

Blush°° Bespoke & custom letterpress printing in the UK

Archie McLeish | ▲ Graphics / Design / Illustration / Painting / & Beyond
Michael McGrath

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