Thursday, 28 February 2013

Communication is a Virus

We where put into groups of six and we where given a phrase to work with 

ours was 

Five A Day 

And so we started an initial discussion, ruling out the idea of five a day fruit and veg, because we felt that this was the most obvious and we wanted to be more interesting. 

And so we all went away and did a little bit of initial research 

I looked on pintrest initially and found some ideas 

I then searched the term on google too , I came up with some ideas which where

  • Five pieces of design inspiration a day
  • Five things you over exaggerate a day
  • five things you can't live without every day 
  • Five things that make you happy a day
  • Five things you moan about / or irritate you a day
  • Five things to do before work/university each day
We then got together again. Charlie had also brought up the same idea as I had though of 

Five pieces of design inspiration a day 

Then after further discussion we came up with this initial idea

Produce a range of things that will have 5 different design blogs/studios/examples of work/designers per day. 
Maybe a website/app/ blog as the place this would be shown 
And then supporting promotional material 

And so I started to look at design inspiration websites/ blogs contains lots of websites that we could use as content along with other things we find.

I also looked at ways we could promote

L A E - L A E by Fabian De Lange on Behance

Then after further discussion it was decided that our concept was going to be based on the idea of pills and so firstly i looked at the word drug, to get some words from it aswell as words I could think of myself.

I then went on to look at the word addiction.

I also got some images from google of pills so that I could base my drawings of the pill key on something realistic.

I also found this image and it gave me ideas on how things could open/expand into more information.

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