Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Studio Brief 2: Introduction to Web

Designing for Web

Created in 1991 CERN 
(CERN - European Organisation for Nuclear Research)
It was created by scientists 
- "to link and access information of various kinds as a web of nodes in which the user can browse at will" Tim Beners-Lee (6, August, 1991) (Creator of the Web)

The first web server was made by Steve Jobs with NeXT 
Every site is hosted on a web server
Webservers are a software that read the code from websites i.e. Google reads Apple

In 1992 the first image on the web, it was of an all female pop group founded by CERN, they where called LHC which corresponds with the name large hadron collider. 
The image was PNG format whereas now the most commonly used format is JPEG.

HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
            Process of transferring from the web server to the computer to access a website.

URL- Uniform Resource Locator
          To access a website (websites are like small folders on the web server)

HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets
          The look of the website. Make the website look appealing. - The Design

FTP- File Transfer Protocol
         To send information from your computer to another. It can send a large body of 
         information. Specifically Web server.

CMS- Content Management System
           So you can manage the site after it has gone live. 
           (A static site doesn't change, it is somewhat useless after a certain point)

Skeuomorphism- When something imitates something else that it actually isn't. It looks like an actual physical object i.e. E-Books that have an actual look of a page turning. A software calendar that imitates the appearance of binding on a paper calendar. 

Why do we need to imitate the physical object on screen ? 

E.g. on the new update IOS7 (iPhone) the keyboard on the phone doesn't change to lowercase when you are typing, like a real life keyboard, why had this been kept the same when it is possible to be lowercase.

(As web design is a relatively new concept, design can follow certain trends that don't last very long) Whereas reactive design responds to a variety of media , for example a different screen size, like computer, tablet and mobile phone. It can also adapt to the orientation of the screen, landscape to portrait, vice versa. Ethan Marcotte a designer and developer wrote a book about responsive design , 'Responsive Web Design'.

Massimo Vignelli pointed to out the importance of the grid and the use of a grid for web.
His grids he devised are still used to date.
A grid is a constructive way of cleanly laying out a page.
It is the most important tool for a layout designer.

Unlike print from a website you can get constant feedback on how successful the site is, via page views and comments, even online sales.

What is the point ?
Why are you creating a website in the first place ? Is it necessary ? These are things we need to consider before creating a website. It needs to be appropriate for the target audience. 

What is the purpose of the website ?
Who are the target audience ? (e.g. a toy website , the audience of a toy is a child but the person who goes on the website is a parent or guardian e.c.t so it needs to be adult friendly) 
What do the target audience need from the site ?

The average person who visits a site takes 2 & 1/2 / 3 seconds to decide whether to stay on the site or move on 
And so we did a simple exercise where a site was brought up on screen and we had to say the first thing that came into our head. 

I am guessing that this reaction is one that Apple was trying to achieve as it is promoting its  iPhone5C range , the C being colour, and so bright is a positive for this campaign and the colour draws you in.
The BBC page to be screams busy and overwhelming, it could be positive that it is busy as it is full of information, but in my opinion I mean busy as a negative, its very off putting having all the text right in front of you, it makes me switch off and I don't really want to read on. I would say even though it is clearly laid out in a grid there is not enough space between the type and this is why it looks busy and crowded.


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