Thursday, 17 October 2013

The 2/3 Seconds Task (Websites)

Following on from the introduction we where told to carry on the task of our first instincts when looking at a website page ....
I think that the website would have wanted this reaction, its very clean and modern looking at first glance, it is appealing. However there are faults with this site, as I began to try navigate around the site the first problem I noticed was that the navigation bar is barely visible the type is too dark against the image. The next problem I found was I could not access the information I wanted to see, and so the site to me is a bit useless. As well as this it was quite slow in loading up the pages.
Purpose: To sell/ promote furniture 
Target Audience: Adults, Homeowners, Perhaps more interested in quality and materials.
What do they Need ? : Furniture
I think again that this is a good reaction, I think that I felt the word playful as the colours pop out and they vary, it suggests a certain creative playfulness. I also like the bright white type it really draws you in. Plus the type itself is simple and reminiscent of childlike fonts, again being young and quite playful. I feel that the site is easy to navigate around but it is not so clear that you need to scroll down, I feel that the images / type do not fit entirely on the screen, perhaps the top bar (white) is to long.

Purpose: Self Promotion, (to gain design work from clients) 
Target Audience: Brands/ Companies, Creatives
What do they Need ? : A designer.

This to me says cold, not just because of the environment itself but the feel is quite cold, a serious tone of voice, which is what green peace aims to do, provide a serious message. It does this successfully, but I feel that there is no need for the sound and the voice over is quite cheesy in a way and predictable, it is also unnecessary . However I like that the imagery is like a video and is moving through the arctic, I like the colour scheme as it looks sophisticated.

Purpose: To gain support/ awareness for the cause/charity
Target Audience: Conservationists, Adults
What do they Need ? : The organisation needs support, the target audience are meant to want to help them.
I think that this site on first appearance is quite whimsical almost fairytale/ dream like, I think that this is what they where aiming for but I cannot comment on this as the one big problem is that the site doesn't work on every configuration, and this means I just want to move on from the site, the designers should of considered this in their design.

Purpose: To promote visits/ tourism to Australia
Target Audience: Travellers, young adults and adults
What do they Need ? : A new experience, a fun journey.
Dizzy, Weird
This site is very strange, as you try to move the whole vision moves it is very dizzy, the coloured squares are all random pieces of information, it is very unorganised. The colour scheme is almost clinical , and very bland. Along with it motion and unorganised chaos it makes me feel very dizzy and almost ill to look at. I do not know where the navigation bar is and it really isn't clear who and what their target audience is.

Purpose: ?
Target Audience: ?
What do they Need ? : ?
When I visited this site I was purely just stunned by how bad it was. I think that it is ironic that it is for 'visual studies' when there is not one part of it that is appealing. 1. you can barely read the word visual due to the unrecognisable image in the background. The grid that has apparently not been used is chaotic and unstructured. The colour scheme is uninviting and boring. There is too much white. 

Purpose: ?
Target Audience: ?
What do they Need ? : ?

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