Monday, 24 February 2014

Book Binding + Book Packaging: Research Publication

Book Binding

The string and lines in this book are interesting, they remind me of the look of some of the inception things I had seen. They also look like connections and the film entails connections.

This bind maybe quite easy but I didn't like the shape of the book but this could be changed.

This is very different, and very visual, I don't think it is appropriate for a research book where there is quite a lot of copy. 

The stitch on this book really stands out, I do like this and they particularly look good as a set however I have stitch bound before, I wanted to try something different.

Like this book I could create a landscape or several, the idea of multi-layered is in the book, but again it is very visual and I feel that there wouldn't be enough written context for a research publication.

Again I like the lines on this book, however I felt that it looks best like this and there is no room or need for a title, but a research document does need some kind of indication. 

I saw this type and I found it inspirational, and the thread looks quite vibrant. 

This map fold would be difficult to read, however I do like the way it opens out.

 I found that looking on the internet was okay but I needed to look at some book that where specific to book making and bookbinding, this would help me to see what I could achieve. And I found a few more ideas, and the in some of the books they showed how it was done which is also helpful and that meant I could adapt the methods. 

This concertina fold is interesting, it again provides levels.

I liked this book again for the stitch bind. However when I looked into this more, there would need to be 4 sets of 4 pages to provide that many threads and to fill the spine of the book, this would provide too many pages.

I saw a similar bookbinding technique in this book, I like the effect it has. And I think that they look good as a set. Also pop outs can/could be adapted and extra detail can be added. 

I felt that this concertina and inner concertina style is simple enough but different to a traditional bind, I also think the effect is appropriate to my content, which is about thoughts etc being on different levels, and this book bind provides different levels. This also shows that the concertina can go throng to the back and that it can be double sided, and this is allows for more content and adds another dimension.

Book Packaging

This case packaging is interesting, it would be appropriate to my theme as their is a 'dream machine' in a case in the film, however as I have only a book to put into the case it is too much to use as the packaging.

I knew I would need two books, and I like the way this would box up the books and the shelves keep them separate. 

However I then found this match box . I thought that was this was interesting and the two books would fit in, plus it could be quite mysterious as it can open either way, again connecting to the theme of surreal.

And so I  looked for some basic instructions on how to make the box, I needed a net to see how to construct the box, I could then draw this out to make my own measurements.

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