Friday, 28 March 2014

Classic Car and High-End Car Research

As my Dad was starting up his own classic car restoration business after twenty or so years  restoring classic/ vintage cars and high end cars, working with cars made by Aston Martin mainly. I was already aware of some of the cars he has been around and worked on for a lot of his life. And so as he was setting himself up as new establishment, I was asked by him to design his logo and come up with a name. 
I began by just looking around on other design sites to see what would come up when I typed in classic cars, or luxury cars. 
These where the images that came up… 

All of these images are very simple in their composition they focus on the car which is made to look almost beautiful my the photographer and the editing. The cars are almost always shot from the front and then a little to the side. They always look shiny, and streamlined, there is a feeling of luxury to all of these images and I felt that I needed to keep this feeling in the business's identity.

I also went on to look at classic car logos… 

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