Friday, 28 March 2014

Who is the Target Audience of Inception ?

The target audience of Inception is predominately aimed at young men between the age of 16-37 as its an action packed movie. However the plot and the idea both appeal to both genders.Campaign platforms are targeted at male market with the use of Empire magazine with 574,000 men reading it which has success written all over it.


“Your Mind Is the Scene of the Crime.” tagline

'The Mind Crime Game'

Firstly a trailer was released in August 2009.
(Revealing the genre of the film, sci-fi action thriller)
Also a basic website was set up at this point too.
‘Clues’ where drip fed through this site revealling a little bit more each update.
After targeting the online market, posters where displayed that warned the audience of dream theft and its illegality. 
Internet ARGs (Alternate Reality Game) and phone apps where then unveilled.
Near its release an official site was created, and many extras where made available, such as; a synopsis, cast and filmaker information.
The ‘Mind Crime Game’ - a virtual world , which also encouraged the audience to create thier own film poster.
Another downloadable app ‘SCVNGR’ encouraging the user to check over 100 locations for clues to unlock more content and share thier progress.

30 second TV commercials where also aired, showing the significance of Ellen Page’s character.

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