Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Construction of Grids

Before you can apply a grid you must understand the purpose its for

Text and Image

Always start with small sketches
Thumbnail sketches will make your job if final layouts easier and productive
Thumbnail sizes should be proportionate to the final format

Before your drawing sketches, consider how many columns are needed

1 column only for text and illustrations gives little freedom of layout. 
Minimal of 2 columns really.

Can subdivided into more columns e.g. 2 into 4 

Column disadvantages
Text will be narrow
Small typefaces

For statistics, figures, graphs and trend line publications:
Use 4 columns per page

remember.. 4 goes into 8... 16 etc.

The narrower a column the smaller the typeface

Thumbnails and Developments

Do not rely on one set of thumbnails

Enlarge a small section of appropriate thumbnails 1:1

Compare them and select and repeat process until you are confident with the design

The first line must fit flush to the top limit of the column grid
The last line must stand on the bottom limit

It could mean that you grid fields is too high or too low.

Text size or leading could also be wrong.

grid from a column , means the grid is coming from the text not measurements

Font Heights
Can use the caption size to make the header and footer text.
Proportionate, making the lines meet the two guides
Or use fibonacci

5 lines of text , 2 lines for subheading, 3 lines/ 4 line spaces for Heading

Type and Picture

8 field grid

Based on A4 format

8 and 20 grid fields

8grid fields are used frequently used for advertisement materials and brochures

If using 8 field grids, you can sub divide into 16 grid fields

Line should fit perfect into the gutter, to check right point size and leading.

Allow various sizes to be portrayed
Use without or with text
Need to have a good perception of composition

The grid is only an instrument in which you a designer can make interesting and balanced designs.

20 field grid has quite a large scope for idea solutions. 
There is around 42 possible layout options.

(diagonal lines show depth of filed)

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