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Fibonacci Sequence

8:13 Ratio 
All about proportions and ratio. 
It is derived from nature. 

Renaissance painters would also follow the sequence to get the proportions correct.

Mona Lisa- Da Vinci

Each number is the sum of the two receding numbers...


It is also a relation to page size.

e.g. in typography terms 55 point type should be complimented with 36 point type.

My drawing of the sequence

The Golden Section
Also forms paper sizes or a grid. 
1.62 is the Golden Number
Provides, proportion balance and flow
Has been used since the ancient egyptian and greek times

Length to Width

e.g. 56 cm divided by 1.62
=34.56666 recurring
either round this number up or down 
in this instance up
= 35 

This can also be done for the height too.

They make a rectangle and a square,
cut out the rectangle always
in the end this leaves the fibonacci sequence

Rule of Thirds

Points of interest
And thirds can continue being divided into thirds.
Thirds into thirds = 9

I began by dividing this page into thirds, you can clearly see that the columns are in thirds.

However when I tried to divide them further I didn't fold it correctly and so I started over.

And so I started over...

Then at the end of the session and we cut down parts of the magazines into sections and tried to recreate grids.

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