Saturday, 23 February 2013

Grids 2

Canons and Grids

Van De Graaf

A gridded page is like scaffolding for a building
It is a structure that elements can be organised
A will help continuity to be maintained and information digested with flow

A historical reconstruction of a method that may have been used in book design to divide them into pleasing proportions.
'Secret Canon' used in many medieval manuscripts and incunabula

Works with any page 
height to width ratio

symmetrical layout
like a fictional book
because your fingers will be on the page
Also now in the easiest way for our brain to read quickly

Text or Image boxes

Single Page Canon

Gutenberg Canon
Octavo Format

Can turn the Canon into the rule of ninths

My Drawing of the Canon


Column width is more than just design or format
It is also based on legibility
Printed text is read by the eye of a distance of 30-35cm

According to empirical rule there should be 7 words per line for a text or any length

To keep the type area light and open (in appearance) we must consider the leading

The vertical distance from line to line which suits the size of the type

Overlong text lines tire the eye as do short ones.

This is because there is too much energy is spent keeping the horizontal line in sight over a long distance

Wrong Column widths = Time and Energy Wasted

The key is the ease of reading
Text must not impair the rhythm of reading
This can not apply to titles and subtitles

Advertising functions require heading s to stand out and be absorbed by the eye
Its function is to sell 

Are columns just aesthetic creatures ?

Margin Proportions 

Margins can have a influence on the overall feel of a page 
too small/ too crowded
too large/ exaggerated (too much space to fill)

Well balanced margins are needed

side margins are the same width, looks to similar

same sized margins can never generate an interesting page design

Generate the decision of impression of indecision and dullness

Margins and binding
More interesting margins can be more expensive 

The type area

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