Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Avante- Garde Cinema

Avante- Garde Cinema

  • in opposition of mainstream cinema ( e.g. opposite of hollywood ) 
  • non linear/ non figurative / non narrative - not explained or no story
  • open rather than closed
  • requires a different kind of spectatorship (unpassive)
experimental, artists cinema 
no real definition 

'Un Chien Andalou' (1929) Dir. Luis Bunuel

There are many Freudian readings of this film 

Matthew Barney- 'Cremaster 3' (2002)
  • A modern version of the film above similar style 
'Spirals' (1924-26) Oskar Fischinger 
  • developed with modernism 
  • no people, 
  • seeing what could be done with cinema, experimental
  • early abstract cinema
  • playing with optics
'Lapis' (1960) James Whitney
  • abstract 
  • tried to create a film that is at the same speed as brainwaves of a person resting
  • American 
  • optical illusion
  • romantic, lyrical , mystery
  • poetic in its explanation
'Black Ice' (1994) Stan Brakhage
  • one of the most famous abstract film makers
  • scratched into the reel and painted
'Mothlight' Stan Brakhage

'Window Water Baby' Stan Brakhage
hypnogogia - the state of being asleep and awake
He attempts to recreate this in this film

Andy Warhol 'Empire State Building'
  • 10 and a 1/2 hour film 
  • static camera
  • film just of the empire state building

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