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Creative Advertising and New Media

What is new media ?

'... media that work not through persuasion or impressions but through engagement and involvement.'
(Sutherland 2009)

Advertising Strategies


•Required speaking to the masses•Global print campaigns•Imagery of Britannia & Royalty suited all domestic and imperial markets
•High-feeling strategy (signs= patriotism & empire) 

High Feeling (Today)

•Remember Reach Campaign (2010) AgencyTwoFifteen and AKQA
•Launch film Birth of a Spartan – announce Reach Beta.
•3 x films prior and 4th film released after website debut•Doomed planet (films) 700 million Spartans fight to end•High-feeling strategy: loss, hope & remembrance
•Audience involved emotionally, creatively and part of ads•Interactive website robot creates light sculpture Spartans•Each pieced spot represents a person (image)•(, Diaz, 2010)

Old = Transmission (Transmit ideas to an audience)
New= Cybernetic (Engage with an audience, via computer CMC )

' new media based  on...(ICTs) such as the internet and cell phones, invite us to think in exciting new ways about advertising, as an industry and... communication process'

(Spurgeon, 2008)
The Kaiser Chiefs’ Bespoke Album creation experience 

New Media Model
Advertising & New Media (Spurgeon, 2008)•Shift from Mass to My media•More targeted (mobile)•Audience involvement:•(a) voluntarily passing viewing ads (virals)•(b) creating  spoofs or filming events•More personalised

Viral/ Unpaid Advertising

•Definition 'unpaid peer-to-peer communication of [provocative] content originating from an identified sponsor using the Internet to persuade or influence an audience  to pass along the content to others’. Southgate, et al, 2010, p350.•One distinction between old & new media•Voluntary viewings (video viewings online)•Forced viewings (TV, Cinema or Print)

Create a Dialog

•Paul Burns (TBWA) ‘talking with audience’•40 million Old Spice
•Responding to a Tweet•The making of Old Spice:  copywriter & art director Craig Allen & Erik Kallman W & K.•Released adjacent to the American Superbowl  most viewed sports event 106.5 m viewers•Actor  X-footballer/ Superbowl player) ran Online then TV•SEM (search engine marketing) keywords Superbowl commercial –appeared in paid column google

The Third Screen

•Mobile phones will soon become the greatest tool for persuasion, more so than any other medium for advertising. (Fogg, 2003)•Fastest growing markets in the creative industries (Mobile Learning  Conference 2009 1st Dec, 2009, London) 

What is the impact of New Media ?

•On the advertising agency•Industry debate.
•Mashup 09•“Structuring the company to be social from the inside is necessary’ Patrick (2009)•Digital creatives (third role)
•Work with AD CW

Putting Brands into peoples hands

  • Philosophy of Brothers and Sisters
  • No Medium is dying e.g. Print
  • Media different role in a ‘narrative’
  • Traditional ‘announcements’
  • Levis Go forth beautifully crafted photography
  • Wrangler jeans interactive site like Remember Reach
  • NM up-close and tactile
  • Craft & creatives more important than ever
  • Golden age 
Ryan McGinley

Photographer Jeff Luker

Facebook Reach
  • Reach generator
  • Re-launched advertising platform (Feb, 2012)
  • Content and ads same
  • Socially enabled ads
  • Paid posts reach 75% fans monthly 
  • More than doubling reach
  •  More Engagement
  • Exposing posts to friends
  • Who in turn will engage 

Facebook's social brands

  • Timeline introduced
  • Imagery, video, games  and text
  • Customer service option one-to-one communication with brands possible.
  • Unmediated 

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