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Studio Task 2: Beauty/ Style

My 3 rules
  1. Type on designs should be legible and readable
  2. There shouldn't be too many different disciplines of art/design used in one piece.
  3. Colour Schemes should be kept simple i.e. no more than 3/4 colours

Type on designs should be legible and readable

As you can see on the design there are different fonts and these are in different point sizes. However they all work harmoniously and they can all still be read even from some distance. They are readable because the letters are legible also they are black on a light background which means you can see them clearly.
The fonts are also quite simple in themselves; they are mainly serif fonts, but I
Would say that these two are quite simplistic, if they had been very detailed they might not been legible and therefore unreadable. I would say that most of the fonts could be classed as header fonts, and header fonts are always readable.

The type above has clearly been design for a specific purpose, and a designer has obviously created it. They have used a light sans serif font, which is also quite tall, and they have added extra weight to their connecting parts, which also reinforces what letter they are. I would say that the tracking between all the letters is equal and enough distance has been left between each letterform and this means as there is enough space you can see the letterforms clearly. As well as this the O has been replaced with a red circle however in its context it is clear that it is a link to Japan and therefore a well known city Tokyo and so you know it is meant to be an O, as well as the fact a circle is almost like an O in itself.

On this piece the type looks almost handwritten, therefore its script like, it looks like it has been created with a brush. It contains a mixture of weights, but I would say that some parts are quite heavy and therefore as the type is white it doesn’t become lost into the background, i.e. there is enough white to distinguish the letterforms. There is also a mixture of uppercase and lowercase, however they are still readable due to their kerning and the fact they have been moved of an initial baseline and into a bigger space which makes them still legible.

Colour Schemes should be kept simple i.e. no more than 3/4 colours

In this piece there is two colors, and one has been used for its tones. The piece has used tones to create geometric shapes which all make up the shape of a droplet and this represents blood, the tones represent different blood types, I think that is very effective. The only other color on the page is black and this has been used to create the copy, it has also been used negatively swell, black circles and white type (the type is the stock) it clearly stands out. The use of the colours is innovative and I would say they work well together. The red is also not too bright, it is almost pastel and its soft, the colours are modern and I like this.

Again in this piece there are two colors, blue and black. Again they have been used tonally and this creates a wider scope of colors on the page, yet it still works, as they are the original black and blue colors. The diversity of tones has helped the designer to create a range of shapes to represent different information. The blue and black are very simplistic and clear and so the information on the page is understandable and very clear. I would say that the colours indicate a more mature/ professional audience as there is a higher percentage of black, and the blues are calm and cool.

This piece clearly hs a different audience as the colours are both very bold. However the colours compliment each other as the purple is dark and the orange is light, you can still see all the information on the page. The colours are bright, vibrant and energetic, they are very interesting and they would definatly capture anyones attention. I also think that the colours a rich and almost warm looking which makes them to me more attractive and professional. The colours have also been used in opposite ways to each other , e.g. one as the type and one as the background, vice versa. 

There shouldn't be too many different disciplines of art/design used in one piece.

As you can see in these business cards the base of a wine glass with wine has originally created the circular marks. And then this has been edited digitally, but it is still clearly hand made. And the type on the piece is clearly digital. They both work together as they have the same characteristics which are classic and elegant. I would say that they also work together as the colours are harmonious again portraying a rich and warm vibe, they are toned down which gives them a real sense of maturity, as a wine is sometimes mature and therefore classic.

In this piece the tree branches seem to have been originally photographed and then to match the copy on the page they have been edited digitally and made a singular colour, black. They have then been further modified by been imposed into the letter A, and they make up the outline of the A itself and this mixture really works as the intricacy of the branches create the main detail on the page but they also outline the A well and you can still distinguish the letterform. The black branches also remind me a trees in japaneese art, which is what the poster is actually advertising and so the branches have been recreated in a different way to how they would be in japaneese art i.e. brushes and nibs.

I think this mixture of medias in this piece is very creative, there are three different physical elements. Card, string and wool. The card contains the information, and it also creates the outline of the sheep, which almost acts as an illustration of a sheep. The wool also creates the sheep by literally being the wool of the sheep, but it is also advertising the wool and the types of wool. And so it is very clear that the wools are the main focus of the product. The idea of the sheep, the producers of the wool is very reinforced and so it is again clear by association its about the wool. I think that is a very interesting and interactive piece of design.

Five non graphic design

There is a simple use of black and white in this painting, like the pieces of graphic design I looked at previously there is a heavy use of tones, and in this painting the tones are used as light and shadow.

I think that this photograph has been taken for a more personal, emotive use. I think that the photograph has been edited on photoshop, i.e. the contrast has been increased to make the colours more grey, and therefore softer. However I think that the single use of the pastel pink draws you in and it is warm and friendly.
Again this is a photograph, however the subject is different. The colours are now white/grey and blue. The photograph also retains all the architectural detail , and the blue is really vivid and stands out. If there where more colours the image may lose its impact and some of the detail might of been lost.

This is an image to represent fashion, in my opinion the idea of three or less colours in fashion would mean that elements would have to be the same colour or only contain one other colour in total. However in this the dress and the shoes are black, and I would say that this combination is classic and elegant.
In this image I have decided to show craft and there are three colours in this piece, brown, orange and white. However the orange and the brown are almost similar to each other and they are both warm, they compliment each other.

I would say that the elements in this piece are a dress, tights, heels and a handbag, which in fashion terms is very simple. Again you could say that this is also abiding by my colour rule too. Aswell as this i would say that there aren't too many textures. The sequinned, gold dress is the main piece and the other elements are much simpler to harmonise with this.

This photograph shows a piece of architecture again I believe there are two elements of stone and wood, I think it looks simplistic and there is a good amount of elements in the building.
This piece is photography mixed with hand drawn illustration, however the photography is simple, e.g. simple layout, simple colours, spacious and the illustration is also simple, fine black lines. And so the two work together.
The trees are the main focus of this packaging and because of this they have the brightest colour. The packaging around is very simple, a rectangle box and lid, very small minimalistic type. The less elements around the trees mean they can be more in focus.
This piece of fine art contains a hard skull and liquid black paint. The colours keep this piece really simplistic, and the fact that it is just the paint over the skull keeps it really simplistic. The artist could of added more detail to this but it doesn't need it. And I think it is really effective.

Type legible/readable
The type in this piece is readable, there is only two letterforms and a symbol. The font has very small serifs and it is simple looking.
Again the same thing is happening in this piece. As they are 3D they needed to be sans serif the colours are also similar.
The type in this piece of fashion is almost handwritten like, it again is sans-serif, I think it needed to be elegant, script like to match the femininity of the garment.

I think that this shows a very minute typographic piece. You can see the numbers in the shelving unit, they stand out from there surrounding because of their colour but fit in because of their worn down look.
This is an example of illustration, i think that the type is interesting, they work well together and stand out due to their bright colours compared to the dark background, the type is all sans-seif and it to me is readable and legible.

Web Design, the type matches the logo type, and it all has a space/ futuristic theme. I think that they are both readable and legible.  

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