Monday, 5 January 2015

Practical Synthesis: LILAC Visit

Yesterday I went to see the LILAC cooperative housing, I wanted to see it for myself and see whether it looked like it worked or not. 

I found it strange to see buildings like this amongst usual brick housing, but it appears to fit in with the surroundings as the buildings are almost tucked away you only notice them when you are right outside, as well as this in my opinion they aren't ugly either.

As you walk in from one of the entrances you can see the centre of the cooperative already, you can see that there is a lot of space, and it looks quite natural. 

To the right of this photo you can see the communal decking area which is over a pond, I think that this is the focal and communities centre, it again appears very natural and green.

A bike shed as mentioned in the website, keeps the bikes neatly tucked away and safe. 

Although it was winter you could see that there was a lot of gardening and growth, you could also see the labels on the plants and this showed that they had been growing vegetables etc, it also meant that the system must be working. 

Entrance to a community area, with a noticeboard inside- in which I could see a rota for residents tasks.

The addresses, Lilac Grove 1-20, the whole complex is surrounded by a brick wall and iron fence, which remains from the previous building which was a primary school, I did feel that the iron should of been repainted as it is too contrasting against the green and brown of the buildings and land inside. 

It's also apparent that the houses, with their big windows get a lot of light when the sun shines, you can't see inside the houses from the road either, which is good for residents privacy.

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