Monday, 12 January 2015

Practical Synthesis: Housing/ Estate Branding Research

I like the branding of this work, its modern and simple, it's very clean and I think that this is something I would like to reflect in my own branding for LILAC. I also like the use of the house shape, however the houses of LILAC aren't traditional and so this would not be applicable.
Again this branding is very minimal and clean, I especially like the top logo, with the trees they give a sense of connectivity and nature, the typeface works really well, as does the colour scheme with is black white and forest green. 
The icons are also really appealing they give visual clues and interest to the folder, which is also a format I could consider using for my piece.

From this work I really liked how the shape created another shape which created another etc, I felt that this looked really interesting, and I am wondering whether I could incorporate this idea into my own work, by creating a shape for the brand and then building on that shape for icons or something similar. However in this piece I felt that the designer didn't focus on this and they used the end shape for the logo- which is a little confusing as it was unclear as to what the final logo was. 

Although I can also see that they too have used a folder, and a letterhead and I think that these are things I should really consider for my branding and promotion of LILAC.

Again more minimal branding, the colour scheme works well, and the logo can be just an image or type and image which I think is appropriate, they too have used icons to represent aspects of service and I think that they can be really helpful, and interesting. 

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