Thursday, 15 January 2015

Practical Synthesis: Rationale

Why did I chose LILAC Housing as my practical element to my dissertation ?

The reasoning behind my choice was the need to include the four themes that related to the idea of being responsible, that I had outlined within my first chapter of my essay/ dissertation. These where according to MacDonald (2002) consumerism, sustainability, global warming and equality. 

LILAC, is a relatively new build of houses in Bramley, Leeds. LILAC stands for Low Impact Living, Affordable, Community and so I felt that these concepts linked really well with the themes that I had used in my essay. Low impact living, is environmentally friendly and sustainable and so this would help me relate to sustainability and global warming. Affordable and community would fit under the category of equality as the financing behind the housing is fair and accessible, community also suggested a variety of people, age, race and sex that all live together. 

And so I decided to brand LILAC as if it was its own housing initiative brand like Redrow etc. I then revolved my practical pieces around deliverables that would be used by the company to promote and inform people about the new housing. This led me to create a folder that would contain a brochure that informs and advertises the housing by describing the way it is sustainable, environmentally friendly and equal, which related to my themes in my essay.

I also created a CD that would contain LILAC's ethical policy (which can be found on their website) it explains certain companies they will not work with, I felt that this showed that LILAC was a moral company and didn't fit in with the regular companies that run the consumer system, such companies I had shown in my essay, i.e. BP. 

I then created a branded letterhead, that a the business could use to write to customers or residents, and a business card for prospective buyers/ residents that they could refer back to for contact information etc. 

I also printed everything on recycled stock and I tried to use minimal paper to fit in with the sustainable aspect of the housing brand. I think that this would match their company ethos and I felt that it was very appropriate. 

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