Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Practical Synthesis: Brochure Binding

For the brochure I decided that a Japanese bind would be the most appropriate, I felt this because I wanted the brochure to have a sense of formality, a loose sheet publication wouldn't be a appropriate as it could fall apart especially as it is a small format. 

I thought that the bind looks more artisan and fits the LILAC brand. I also wanted to Japanese bind as I haven't previously for a brief. 

As well as this I think that string/ thread is more ethical than staples, and again fits with the brand. 

I had previously practiced this bind earlier in the year in a workshop, it is relatively straight forward, however I did use a youtube tutorial to help me through certain parts. 

Practice Bind

I cut the pages down, and put them together along the left spine. I then cut down a piece of paper the same width as the book and marked the amount of holes along this so that I could puncture the holes. I used a bulldog clip to hold all the pages together. I stabbed the holes with the needle. 

I had two types of thread to bind with, the first was the white I thought that this may look bit unnatural. And the brown would look more contrasting with the stock. However the brown thread is too thick, and the white is a binding thread. 

And so I used the white thread. And I think that it has a professional aesthetic. 

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